Case Study

LMS Integration — Synchronizing Submission and Grading Process

Fort Hays State University has been using Tk20 assessment and accreditation purposes in the College of Education for the past X years. The College of Business and Entrepreneurship has recently adopted the system for its accreditation efforts and other programs are also scheduled for adoption within the coming year including Applied Technology and Nursing.

The Challenge

Collecting course-based assessment information submitted and graded by the faculty in an LMS system without having to duplicate work in both the LMS and assessment system.

The Solution

Tk20 created an LMS Integration tool that synchronized the submission and grading of assignments between the LMS and Tk20.

The Win

The LMS Integration tool allows students to submit assignments within the LMS and not have to duplicate the submission also in the assessment system. Further, the LMS Integration tool allows the faculty to grade the assignment via the LMS using the rubric created in Tk20 and automatically transfer the assigned points from the Tk20 rubric to the LMS gradebook. The LMS Integration tool creates a single and seamless process for submitting and grading course-based assessments that also need recorded and reported in the assessment system. The integration tool is critical for faculty buy-in as it eliminates the extra hurdle previously required to collect and report information in the assessment system.