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When you work with Taskstream, you work with people who believe in the value of meaningful assessment to demonstrate and improve student learning and program quality. Our solutions engage faculty, students and administrators, and result in the data you need to make the right decisions for the right reasons.


Organize, Plan & Manage

Without a central system to manage improvement processes – including annual assessment planning, strategic planning, and program review – institutions can find it difficult to engage faculty and staff in a meaningful way. Whether you are looking to make existing processes more efficient or are building a new foundation for this work, our solutions can help you get the most from your improvement efforts.

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"Even individuals who have previously resisted outcomes assessment have come around as a result of implementing this system."

Dr. K. Helena Bussell

Associate Provost, Texas Wesleyan University


Collect, Evaluate & Analyze

Once you have identified your research question(s) for your assessment, it’s time to collect and evaluate the evidence and analyze the resulting data. Part of our purpose is to help institutions get to better data more quickly so that they can make changes that move entire departments, programs and courses forward. Spend less time gathering data and more time using it.

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"With the implementation of Taskstream we are able to spend much less time managing the data and much more time analyzing it and figuring out how our students are doing."

Dr. Fred Freking

Associate Professor, University of Southern California


Track & Show Learning

Student learning isn’t limited to the classroom. Get a complete picture of student progress, encourage students to reflect on their learning across experiences, and keep track of program requirements both in and outside of the classroom. We can help you organize and track program requirements and engage students with e-portfolios.

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"We have seen dramatic learning over time using ePortfolios through Taskstream. Our grads can take their ePortfolios with them after graduation—using them to apply for graduate school, as part of the employment application process, or simply to continue to reflect on the artifacts in the portfolios."

Tara Hornor, Ph.D.

Associate Provost for Planning, Assessment, and Evaluation, The Citadel

Our Products

Our products provide the foundation and flexibility to advance meaningful assessment practices in pursuit of better data for learning campus-wide.


A central home for institution-wide improvement processes.

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A comprehensive system for assessing and tracking student requirements.

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A powerful scoring and data analysis application for assessing outcomes.

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We go out of our way to provide institutions with truly personalized, ongoing support. Plan, organize, implement, train, and optimize with confidence as our caring support staff works hard to understand your goals, anticipate your needs, and tailor our guidance—every step of the way.

We could talk about assessment all day (or at least for as long as you care to).

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