A More Holistic View of Student Progress

Through fieldwork, clinical placements, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities, students continue to develop and hone their knowledge and skills. We help programs and students keep track of those experiences and learning over time.

e-Portfolios Clinical Placements Program Requirement Tracking


Many programs and campuses see the value of using e-portfolios with students, but relatively few are able to get the most from their e-portfolio initiatives beyond the course-level. Doing so requires planning, participation across course and – even discipline – lines, iteration, and patience! We have lots of experience supporting programs and initiatives of all sizes and purposes. We’d love to help you.

Clinical Placements

You need to track a lot of details about where your students are doing their fieldwork and clinical placements and demonstrate that your candidates have experience in diverse settings. We make it easy for you to set up a custom database to manage this information for your programs, as well as the observations and other performance assessments of students in the field.

Program Requirement Tracking

Keep track of direct and indirect measures, including course-embedded assessments, surveys, and observations. We also make it easy to import exam scores, collect signature assignments, gather performance data, and track requirements by courses, transition points, program gateways, and more.

We could talk about assessment all day (or at least for as long as you care to).

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