In 2013, Taskstream partnered with Wilmington University to develop a groundbreaking data collection, analytics, and reporting system that makes it possible for the College of Education to compare in-service teaching performance data of their graduates with their performance as candidates in their teacher preparation program. The system is designed to connect data from a range of sources, including state teacher evaluation data linked to K-12 student achievement. This work is supported through a competitive grant Wilmington was awarded by the Delaware Department of Education as part of the state’s participation in the US Department of Education’s Race to the Top Competitive Grant Program.

For this project, Taskstream is providing Wilmington with the IMPACT Dashboard and access to a Data Repository for ad-hoc reporting in order to analyze graduates’ performance using multiple variables. Using Taskstream’s new Enterprise Data Hub, Wilmington will be able to link the demographic and performance outcomes they collect on their teacher candidates with licensure, test scores, and data they will be receiving from the state on their graduates’ performance on the DPAS-II, the state’s teacher performance appraisal system. Wilmington will monitor their graduates’ performance in the classroom for five years following program completion, and will analyze all variables to determine what factors may influence its graduates’ impact on student learning over time.

Not only will Wilmington’s data help shape and improve their teacher preparation program, but it will position them to meet the challenge of performance outcomes-focused reporting and accreditation processes, in particular the new CAEP standards.

Spring CAEP 2014