Pressure from accreditors, parents and the business community is leading to calls for greater accountability and greater institutional focus on continuous improvement and quality enhancement.

As institutions respond and embrace outcomes-based education, they find themselves awash in new processes, data and cultural issues.

When you work with Taskstream, you work with people who know the value of effective outcomes assessment and its importance within the changing landscape of education. You know your students have the knowledge and skills they need, and you’re prepared to show it.

Taskstream offers a solution for managing data that streamlines workflow and improves processes. We provide institutions with custom workflow, data collection and reporting capabilities to support outcomes assessment initiatives that engage faculty, students and administrators and result in the data you need to make the right decisions for the right reasons.

But we don’t just offer technology. Taskstream’s solutions are backed by the most comprehensive and effective support for all users to ensure the success of your implementation. From vision through execution we stand with you.