Educator Preparation

A comprehensive assessment system is essential for effective educator preparation and development. With Taskstream, education programs are able to easily collect and monitor candidate performance data, manage clinical placements, streamline accreditation preparation, and prepare candidates for standardized performance assessments.


  • Assessment planning
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Transition point management
  • Clinical placement data management
  • Accreditation preparation
  • Evidence collection and archiving
  • Signature, capstone, or key assessments
  • Rubric building and scoring
  • e-Portfolio assessments
  • Performance assessments

Assessment Planning

Define learning outcomes and align them to institutional goals and standards. Create outcomes-based assessment plans that include clearly defined measures, targets, and findings. Encourage the integration of knowledge and skills over time and through various courses, signature assignments, and transition points with curriculum maps.

Data Collection and Archiving

Use direct and indirect measures, including course-embedded assessments, surveys, and observations. Import exam scores. Collect signature assignments and gather candidate performance data by standard or program learning outcome. Track requirements by courses, transition points, program gateways, etc. Use custom rubrics to score candidate artifacts.

Clinical Placements

Document information about clinical placements, including site demographics, to demonstrate that your candidates have experience in diverse educational settings. Manage placements, assign university supervisors, and document cooperating teachers and their experience and credentials.

edTPA™ Support

Provide candidates with the support they need to assemble their edTPA portfolios, submit them for local evaluation on campus, and transfer their portfolios to Pearson for official scoring. Collect and archive candidate portfolios. Benefit from pre-built templates that include official handbooks and document templates, integration with Pearson, and comprehensive faculty and candidate support. View real-time status of candidates’ work submissions with an edTPA dashboard.

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Encourage candidates to build personal portfolios to showcase their knowledge, skills, and dispositions to potential employers. Candidates benefit from rich feedback, including comments and markups they can revisit over time.

Lesson Planning

Candidates can create standards-based lesson and unit plans with Taskstream’s user-friendly plan builders. Easily incorporate standards, create and attach rubrics, and add activity resources.

Accreditation Preparation

Streamline the preparation for state and national accreditation (NCATE/TEAC/CAEP). Filter performance data by demographics and report by institutional learning outcomes, state standards, or national accreditation standards. Create online exhibit rooms to organize evidence and provide reviewers with easy access to documents and reports.

Dashboard Reporting and Analytics

See the data you need, the way you need it. Monitor the health of your implementation and the engagement of faculty and students. Confirm the alignment and measurement of outcomes. Analyze student performance on outcomes and standards. Compare and filter data by program, course, and demographics. Save reports and include them in self-studies, annual reports and exhibit rooms.


From induction through advanced certification and leadership development programs, collect and evaluate evidence of educator effectiveness. Identify the artifacts to be collected — lesson plans, student work, educator reflections, observation forms — and the evaluation methods for each. All evidence and evaluations are archived in Taskstream. Run reports on the data collected in the process to analyze effectiveness at an aggregate level and identify professional development needs.