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Which Internet browsers can I use to access Taskstream (AMS, LAT, Aqua)?

Taskstream is a highly dynamic environment that responds slightly differently to each browser.
We recommend using a supported Internet browser to get full Taskstream capability:

– Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 and above
– Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
– Google Chrome (latest version)

– Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
– Apple Safari 5.1 and above
– Google Chrome (latest version)

– Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
– Google Chrome (latest version)

Android 4.x +
– Mozilla Firefox Latest Version
– Google Chrome Latest Version

If you use an Internet browser other than those listed above, you may still be able to access Taskstream (AMS, LAT, or Aqua) but you may not have access to all the system’s features.

Regardless of the browser, you will need to have pop-ups, cookies and JavaScript enabled in order to use all the features of Taskstream.

If you are unable to log in AT ALL, you may be using an Internet browser with known issues. Please install one of the supported browsers to access Taskstream.

Mobile Considerations
Currently, the following areas of the site are not supported on mobile:
– Uploading files
– HTML editor

Is Taskstream site (AMS, LAT, Aqua) accessible to users with disabilities?

Taskstream-Tk20 is committed to making its systems accessible for all users, including people with disabilities. Our tools comply with Federal Section 508 guidelines and W3C WCAG recommendations as described in our accessibility statement.

Some optional services and third-party plug-ins may not be covered by this document. As new technologies emerge, Taskstream-Tk20 strives to amend its systems to be compliant with the widest audience possible; however, for legacy reasons, some pages cannot be updated immediately.

In addition to making technical changes to our websites to provide greater accessibility, we test them using multiple assistance-type technologies—such as screen readers and screen enlarging software—to analyze and modify our pages.

What are my login credentials?

Login credentials are the username and password that you use to access Taskstream (AMS, LAT, Aqua). You can request your password hint by clicking the ‘Forgot Login’ link located below the username/password entry boxes. Click ‘Email Username & Password Reset’ if you are still unable to recall your password after viewing your hint.

If you are not receiving emails from Taskstream-Tk20, try adding help@taskstream.com and notification@taskstream.com to your address book to resolve the issue.

My assignment is locked and I need to change it, what should I do?

Your work submission can only be canceled and edited if your Evaluator has not yet begun the evaluation process.

To cancel your submission:

After selecting the DRF program from your home page, select the Requirement (from the list on the left) that you need to cancel.
Click the Cancel Submission button in the upper right corner of the work area.
When asked to confirm, click the Yes Undo Submission and Unlock button.
After making your changes, click the Submit Work button to resubmit.

Please note: If you are not able to cancel the evaluation, your Evaluator has already begun the evaluation process. You will need to contact your Evaluator for assistance.

When will my assignment be evaluated?

Please be aware that Taskstream-Tk20 provides the software you use to submit and receive evaluations of your work, but is not directly involved in evaluating your work. Evaluations are completed by faculty and staff at your institution. If you are concerned about the evaluation of your work, please contact your institution.

What is a DRF Program?

A DRF Program gives you access to a Directed Response Folio, or DRF. DRFs allow students, as Authors, to collect and present work to satisfy program-related requirements and submit that work to an Evaluator (typically a course instructor) for evaluation.

A DRF program may be equivalent to a full academic program, a course, or any other division of study at your institution.

Work might include online forms or text blocks provided by instructors via the DRF template, and/or uploaded work files such as documents, slideshows and videos.

Authors enrolled into a DRF Program can also request comments on their work, publish it to the web, and email it to other Taskstream-Tk20 users or external email addresses.

How do I enroll myself in a DRF Program?

If you are expected to enroll yourself as an Author in a DRF program so that you can submit work for evaluation, your learning community should have provided you with a program self-enrollment code.

If you have not been provided with a program code, you will need to contact your instructor, academic counselor or advisor, or the department at your school that administers that program/course. They will either enroll you into your course in Taskstream (LAT) or give you a program code to self-enroll.

Follow the directions on your program code sheet or use these steps:

Click the Self-enrollment code on the home page.
Enter the program code you were provided. Be sure not to enter any additional spaces.
Click the Search button. If you have entered a valid program code for your learning community, you should see information about the program.
If this is the appropriate program, click the Enroll button. You will then be notified that you were successfully enrolled into the program. If you are not sure this is the correct program, you may wish to clarify with your instructor.

My student says work is locked and cannot be submitted. How can I unlock this person's work?

Work becomes locked when it is submitted for evaluation.

If you have not yet evaluated the work submission, an Author (student) can cancel his/her submission and unlock the work.

To do this the student will return to the DRF, click on the submitted requirement and then click the Cancel Submission button. This will unlock the student’s work so that he/she can continue working.

If you have already submitted an evaluation for the work, only the Evaluation Manager can unlock it.

A designated Evaluation Manager for this program can access the work submission by clicking the View/Edit link from an evaluation grid, to open the View Work page. From there, he/she can click the Send Work Back for Revision button to unlock the work submission. At this point, the padlock icon is no longer visible next to the work, and the student will be able to add more work to this requirement.

How do I change/edit an evaluation after the score has been released?

Once an evaluation has been completed and the score released to the Author, only an Evaluation Manager can edit the evaluation.

If you are an Evaluation Manager for this program:

Select the DRF program from the Evaluation Manager tab of your home page.
Select the DRF area and Authors to display.
Locate the Author of the work on the resulting evaluation grid. In that Author’s row, click the View/Edit link for the appropriate requirement.
Click the Edit Evaluation button to revise the evaluation.

As an Evaluator, how do I access previously evaluated work?

If you are enrolled as an Evaluator in a program, you can access work that has already been evaluated by clicking the name of that program on the Evaluator tab of your home page.

You can search for work by a specific Author (student).
You can search for multiple Authors with work in some or all areas of that DRF. To view only previously completed evaluations, select to view “”All Individuals (do not filter).”
From the resulting evaluation grid, you can access previously evaluated work by clicking the View/Edit link for the appropriate assignment. This link navigates you to a display of tabbed pages of information related to that area, starting with a summary of the Evaluation/Score.

To view your completed evaluation for the selected assignment, click the Evaluation/Score tab.
To view the work previously submitted by the Author, click the Work Submission tab.

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