We are pioneers in developing cloud-based software for education.

Since our founding in 2000, we have been a pioneer in cloud-based software development, providing hosted online solutions for e-portfolios and assessment to educational institutions of all types. Our proven solutions are secure, reliable, and easy to use.

Continually improving with agile development
We employ an agile software development methodology that allows for iterative improvement to adapt to new needs among our client institutions and the higher education assessment and e-portfolio markets overall, as well as to provide user-centered strategic flexibility in the tools we do develop.

Built by expert developers, informed by clients
Taskstream’s team of expert technologists — including product managers, architects, developers, security experts, quality assurance specialists, user experience designers and visual artists — is based in our headquarters in New York City, alongside our highly-regarded client support team, Mentoring Services. This close relationship between our product and support teams helps us be more responsive to client concerns.

Where you need it, when you need it
We support 99% of all web-browsers currently in use so you can access our tools wherever you have an internet connection. Our users expect our tools to be available wherever they are, any time of day. Our system has a full-availability uptime of over 99.999% with multiple redundancies, including a warm site on a geographically disparate power grid.

Your data is safe with us
With Taskstream, your institution’s data is safe and in your control. Your institution and end users own the data in the system, not Taskstream. All communication in Taskstream is done via https using secure protocols and cryptographic keys. We have surpassed typical backup schedules with a proprietary real-time backup system and have a robust disaster recovery plan in place.

High performing and scalable
We ensure the best experience for our users with a topology of state-of-the-art web and application servers, multiple file servers, and ultra-high-performance primary and backup databases. We use industry-leading acceleration systems to provide high levels of scalability.

Integrated into your technology infrastructure
Taskstream’s Enterprise Data Hub provides a central portal for data exchange to ensure that Taskstream fits seamlessly within the enterprise resource infrastructure of your institution. We are a member of the LMS Global consortium and are continually expanding our ability to integrate with other campus systems. For more information on our Integration Services, click here.

Leave the technical work to us
We host and maintain the software for you so you don’t need to worry about database platforms, version numbers, installation issues, OS compatibility, or other backend issues. We bear the responsibility of maintaining, upgrading, extending, testing, backing up, and archiving the system.